Wabichakai tea ceremony
Wabichakai tea ceremony


Kyoto Suiden-Ann

Our “Wabichakai tea ceremony”, are held in “Kyoto Suiden-Ann”, which is in Nishijin,
Kyoto’s famous weaving district. This refined, tasteful townhouse building was built early in the Showa period, and our guests have the chance to thoroughly enjoy a place that is extraordinary and captures the essence of Kyoto. At “Kyoto Suiden-Ann”, in addition to “Wabichakai tea ceremony”, we also offer “CHANOYU therapy” for those who make reservations. This gives our guests the opportunity to discuss daily worries, how to face themselves, how to be themselves, and other issues with their host one-on-one.

CHANOYU (tea ceremony) therapy

In the tea-ceremony room, a place isolated from the everyday world, the host politely listens to guests, which helps them straighten out their five senses, all of which tend to be dulled by daily exhaustion, including lights, sounds, smells, touch, and tastes.
There are individual differences related to the number of experiences, but we’ve heard that our therapy is effective for increasing one’s ability to deal with stress, helping to eliminate sleep-related problems, headaches, loss of appetite, and symptoms of depression, and even for alleviating anxieties and frustrations.

Michiyo Fujimura

Host profile

Michiyo Fujimura
Tea ceremony specialist, Mushakouji Senke Kankyuan, associate instructor

Michiyo was born and raised in Kyoto. She discovered the tea ceremony while she was a college student. Strongly drawn to its profound spirituality and the beautiful bearing of the tea master, she started her tea-ceremony training in Gionmachi. In 2004, she went beyond the conventional tea ceremony, which was intended to teach rules of etiquette, and started conducting tea-ceremony therapy to promote mental health. Starting in 2011, she spent three years working on the research and development of psychotherapy using the tea ceremony with the psychiatry department of the Shiga University of Medical Science. She has also been working with medical institutions to introduce a distinctively Japanese method of stress checking and stress control that has existed for about 500 years to the entire country as “CHANOYU therapy”.


■Address: 730 Makura-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, 602-8488

For details about making a reservation, see below. We look forward to seeing everyone.


 Meditation and tea ceremony20,000yen/per person (about two hours)
 Meditation, meal ceremony (simple meal), and tea ceremony 30,000yen/per person (About 3 hours. Every first Saturday of the month.Ask us about the other day’s services)

※Reservations required. Each session is private.
(Up to five or six family members, friends, etc. can participate at the same time.)
※Starting time: Around sunset (Varies upon the seasons)

■Contact information for reservations and inquiries

 Email: wabichakai@kyoto-wabichakai.info

 Write “Wabichakai tea ceremony reservation” in the email subject line,
 and include any requirements you have regarding the ceremony date, number of people in your party, etc.
 The person in charge will reply to your email.

※We’ll try to reply as quickly as possible, but replying might take a while due to business-day issues, etc.

For directions on how to find us and a map, click here.