Wabichakai tea ceremony
Wabichakai tea ceremony

About Wabichakai tea ceremony

Here, you can experience the spirit and culture of Kyoto, mind-freeing meditation,
a traditional simple Japanese meal, and a tea ceremony.
The tea and food that people have every day are nothing but perfunctory routine work.
But when such everyday things are done with special awareness, realizations occur.

A broad outline of what happens during a “Wabichakai tea ceremony” follows.

①Guided meditation

During this meditation, you look at who you really are when separated from various everyday things and roles.
This involves placing yourself in a quiet space, calming your mind, and accepting things as they actually are.

②Meal ceremony

After meditating, you will dine on a simple meal according to an ancient meal ceremony
while maintaining mental focus to further heighten your five senses.

③Tea ceremony

You will be able to feel the intangible “spirit of Japanese hospitality” not in words
but rather in each careful movement involved in the serving of tea as well as each delicious cup of it.

For details about making a reservation, see below. We look forward to seeing everyone.


 Meditation and tea ceremony20,000yen/per person (about two hours)
 Meditation, meal ceremony (simple meal), and tea ceremony 30,000yen/per person (About 3 hours. Every first Saturday of the month.Ask us about the other day’s services)

※Reservations required. Each session is private.
(Up to five or six family members, friends, etc. can participate at the same time.)
※Starting time: Around sunset (Varies upon the seasons)

■Contact information for reservations and inquiries

 Email: wabichakai@kyoto-wabichakai.info

 Write “Wabichakai tea ceremony reservation” in the email subject line,
 and include any requirements you have regarding the ceremony date, number of people in your party, etc.
 The person in charge will reply to your email.

※We’ll try to reply as quickly as possible, but replying might take a while due to business-day issues, etc.

For directions on how to find us and a map, click here.