Wabichakai tea ceremony
Wabichakai tea ceremony

About Wabichakai tea ceremony

Here, you can experience the spirit and culture of Kyoto, mind-freeing meditation,
a traditional simple Japanese meal, and a tea ceremony.
The tea and food that people have every day are nothing but perfunctory routine work.
But when such everyday things are done with special awareness, realizations occur.

A broad outline of what happens during a “Wabichakai tea ceremony” follows.

①Guided meditation

During this meditation, you look at who you really are when separated from various everyday things and roles.
This involves placing yourself in a quiet space, calming your mind, and accepting things as they actually are.

②Meal ceremony

After meditating, you will enjoy seasonal Kyo-kaiseki cuisine while maintaining mental focus to further heighten your five senses.

③Tea ceremony

You will be able to feel the intangible “spirit of Japanese hospitality” not in words
but rather in each careful movement involved in the serving of tea as well as each delicious cup of it.

Popular Programs

Kyoto Wabichakai tea ceremony offers various other popular programs.

“Traditional good luck rituals in Kyoto”

Introducing monthly events, ritual purifications and lucky charms which Kyotoites have been doing from ancient times. Discover the secrets of dispelling bad luck and embracing good fortune.

"The Twelve Months of Kyoto Confectionery"

Kyoto sweets are loved by many people. While tasting the finest seasonal sweets, enjoy not only the deliciousness but also their beauty. Furthermore you will find what the sweets mean, how to enjoy them, confectioners, their history and why we have them in specific seasons. You would be able to enjoy Kyoto sweets five times more.


This is a workshop to meditate in the gentle silence of Takagamine forest, away from daily life, listening to the murmuring of the river. There are three time slots. Early morning, listening to the tweet of birds. Evening, feeling the transition from day to night. At night,enjoying pitch-black darkness. Beginners are welcome, you might be led to a new encounter with yourself.

『CHANOYU Therapy』

In the tea-ceremony room, a place isolated from the everyday world, the host politely listens to guests, which helps them straighten out their five senses, all of which tend to be dulled by daily exhaustion, including lights, sounds, smells, touch, and tastes. There are individual differences related to the number of experiences, but we’ve heard that our therapy is effective for increasing one’s ability to deal with stress, helping to eliminate sleep-related problems, headaches, loss of appetite, and symptoms of depression, and even for alleviating anxieties and frustrations.

For details about making a reservation, see below. We look forward to seeing everyone.


 Meditation and tea ceremony20,000 yen〜/per person (about two hours)
 Meditation, meal ceremony (Kyoto Kaiseki Cuisine), and tea ceremony 40,000 yen〜 (about three hours)

Reservations required. Each session is private. (Up to five or six family members, friends, etc. can participate at the same time.)

■Wabichakai tea ceremony - reservations / inquiry

 Email: kyoto-wabichakai.info@wabisabi.jp

 Please write “reservations” or "Inquiry" as the subject line of your email.  Then, kindly provide the following details: the desired course, preferred date and time, number of participants,  and any other requests you may have. Our staff will reply to you.

※We’ll try to reply as quickly as possible, but replying might take a while due to business-day issues, etc.

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